High School Friend

"Oh Angela, long time no see!" The second guest gave a somewhat labored smile, making her cheeks look like little bright pink balloons, crowding over her button nose. Angela looked at her blankly, unsure why there was a stranger at her doorstep who knew her name. 

The tired, middle-aged lady opened her arms for a hug but Angela didn't respond. 

"You don't recognize me, do you?" She dropped her arms and shook her head. 

"No, I'm afraid not," Angela replied. 

"It's Kelly! From high school, remember? You did invite me, didn't you?" 

"Oh yes!! Of course I invited you! I'm so sorry I didn't notice." Angela hugged her. Kelly was shorter and stouter than she had remembered. A lot shorter and stouter in comparison to Kelly's high school days as the cheerleader. 

"Who's there Angela?" Uncle Michael shouted over from the living room.

Angela was reminded of her duties as an entertainer for her guests. 

"Oh, come in. You must be freezing," Angela got Kelly's coat and lead her to the couch, "This is Kelly, Uncle. She's an old friend from school."

"Well hello Kelly. Nice to meet you," Uncle Michael held out his chubby, calloused hand to her. 

"Nice to meet you too," Kelly let go and turned to Angela, suddenly desperate, her face strained, "Listen, I'm almost two months along and I've been having to go to the bathroom every second of the day. Do you mind if I...?" 

"Oh yeah. 'Course, but the one down here's not working. You'll have to go up and turn to the right. It's got a little painting on the door."

"Right." Kelly stumbled up the stairs, swearing under her breath. The baffled hostess and her Uncle could hear Kelly's footsteps that sounded like she was running across a burning surface. The two, rather amused people downstairs looked at each other as they heard the door slam simultaneously with a gasp. 

The End

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