Invited to Christmas Dinner

The day had been full of preparations. The turkey was in the oven, the smell wafting from it heavenly. Stuffing added to the delicious aromas, enough to make any stomach rumble in anticipation. Potatoes, gravy, rolls, turnips. Enough food to feed far more than those who had been invited, but that was just the way. Dessert sat waiting, pies and Christmas cake, the sauce in a pain waiting to be heated.

Angela brushed her hands over her apron, a frilly thing embroidered with green holly and red bows, touches of gold thread accenting it all. Sily, she knew, but she enjoyed the Christmas spirit nonetheless, and it made her feel cheery.

As she stepped out of the kitchen her eyes went to the table set in the dining room. The good china, festive tablecloth, napkins and placemats. Gold candles in glass dishes, surrounded by holly and cranberries. Crystal wine glasses, pinecones, and glass ornaments added to the decor, interspersed with pads waiting for hot dishes. For just a moment, her eyes narrowed and she considered. Was everything there? Everything ready, at least until the guests arrived and supper was ready?

Yes. After taking an inventory, she was sure she was as ready as she could be. A smile curved her lips as she saw headlights path across the window. Someone was here!

She walked through the living room, a fond glance going to the Christmas tree. The decorations were perfect, a mix of nostalgic ornaments and glittering tinsel. Presents rounded the base, both those already opened and those waiting for the guests about to arrive.

The doorbell sounded and she jumped just a little, trying not to squeel in glee. Instead she hurried for the door, her smile bright, cheeks rosy. The first guest had arrived!

The End

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