Day Breaks

    The battle had intensified during the night. The beasts, the creatures, coming for me. I must have dosed off at some point when the fight waned. When I awoke there was a sachel off supplies laying by my feet. When I glanced at the clock it only showed that two minutes had passed. But within those two minutes something, someone must have come in. I opened the sack. Inside it there was a sword, a vile with mysterious writing on it, some dried food, and a book.

   Looking at the book, it also had the same strange writing. It was hand writen on both items. Like gaelic or dare say it elfish. Which brings me back to the fact that there formally was a magical creature battle raging outside my door. Which also reminds me that by some force other than my own, those beasts were kept outside my room.

   Day is breaking.

   It's time to get a game plan.

The End

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