The Floor Closes

The whirlwind stops , and the floor closes. Jeremy doesn`t realize this until after he opens his tightly shut eyes.

"Huh?" he says dumbfounded.

Everything still looks the same in Reese manor, nothing has changed.

His little sister, Julie, runs down the long staircase with her tennis shoes on.

"Time for my 4:00 tennis lesson, but where`s my tennis racquet?" she said.

Jeremy smirks. "Time to work my magic."

"It`s in your room, under the bed, dummy."

"Mom?" she yelled. "Where`s the tennis racquet?"

Jeremy yelled back, "I JUST TOLD YOU!"

Julie didnt respond.

"Where`s Jeremy?" she said. "I know my idiot brother might have taken it."


Julie still didn`t respond.

Jeremy looked puzzled. "Why couldn`t she hear me?" he thought. "Usually, she would have called me an idiot to my face by now. Oh well, I`m still the greatest."

  Dear boy, you have no idea what you have just done....

The End

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