Celine smirked. "This boy will be an easy mark." she thought

"Dear boy, have you ever felt like your gifts have gone unnoticed?" she said.

Jeremy stared at her, confused. "What does she mean? I`m the greatest, and I know everything. What`s there not to notice?"

He looked down at the floor , then stared at it.  "Do i really know everything?" He began to question his thoughts, and then reassured himself with his cocky demeanor.

"Ha!" he said. "I`m the greatest, and I know everything!"

"Are you sure?" she replied. "Would you not like to know everything about everything?"

Jeremy stared again as she went on.

"Wouldn`t you love to be able to answer every question, and not question yourself? You my boy, would be a legend!"

"Go on." he said as he nodded his head. She was right. Even though Jeremy thought he knew everything, he still had doubts on whether it was right.

"Make a wish, and I will grant it, dear boy."

Jeremy froze.

"Really?" he exclaimed.

"Really." she said.

"I wish to know everything about everything, and be right about everything."

"That`s the right answer." Celine said as she smirked.

Suddenly, she snapped her fingers twice, and the floor seemed to open. There was a huge whirlwind blowing everything around the room. Jeremy screamed a cry of terror as he held on to the banister. Celine`s voice seemed to fade in the whipping winds.

"Goodbye dear boy" her voice echoed.  "Nice doing buisness with you...

Be careful what you wish for little boy, you just might get it, and it may come at a terrible cost....



The End

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