I`m the greatest

Jeremy is a spoiled, rich kid that thinks that he`s the greatest. However, he has an even worse trait than this: He`s a huge know-it-all. He believes that he has the answer to every single question in the universe, and that he should live forever to answer all of the world`s questions. He makes a wish for immortality, but it comes at a terrible price..

7:00 a.m. Jeremy yawns and streaches his arms across the huge canopy bed. He reaches for a mirror, stares a bit, and smirks."I am the most amazing boy on the planet." he says to himself. " I know everything about everything, and I never have any questions." He then rings a little bell to signal Walter, the family butler, to his room.

"Yes, Sir?" Walter says sleeply.

Jeremy smirks again.

"I knew you would say that. "

"Would you like me to pr-"

"-pare my breakfast? Why, yes Walter, I would."

Walter sighs heavily. "Never have I seen such an annoying child." he thought as he went to go prepare breakfast

Jeremy grins. "I`m the greatest, and I know everything." he says .

However, Jeremy still felt like something was missing.  He pondered on it for a moment, then said: "Man, I wish that I could answer every single question in the world, I mean I do know everything."

Be careful what you wish for little boy, you just might get it, and it may come at a terrible cost....

A magician had just come into town by the name of Celine, and she was well known for her deceitful nature in her old town. All of her antics were legendary.  She wanted to meet the rich family for herself, to sucker them out of their money. Celine especially wanted to meet the boy, since he seemed gullible enough from what she read in the papers.

"He`s a dumb one." she said. "He`ll be my easiest target yet."

She made her way to the  Reeses' multimillion dollar mansion, and rang the doorbell.

To her surprise, Jeremy opened the door.

She smirks. "Why, hello there." she says. "Would you like your greatest dreams to come true?"

Jeremy stops and stares.

"Tell me more."


The End

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