Louise McDonald

Sophie gulped and knocked on the door, she was already ten minitues late and was starving because she was too nervous to eat that morning. A tall teacher with blonde straight hair opened the door and smiled at her, ' you must be Sophie Smith, come in and take a seat.' Sophie wandered in to the dusty classroom and sat next to a girl with bright, curly orange hair and frowned, she hated her last name. Smith. So common, she thought as she was handed out an old textbook with some random girls name on it. Her name must of been Louise, Louise McDonald.

That name had something about it that made Sophie feel uncomfortable and she fidgeted with the name tag stuck on the front, hoping that it would accidentally fall off. Or what if she just pulled it off?  She didnt know why she wanted to get rid of the name tag, she just thought that it shouldnt be there and that it was  staring her in the face.

When the bell went she wandered outside, behind the girls toilets and took out the old text book. At that moment she heard some girls round the corner talking about her. 'Yeah, the new girl has it.' Said one. the other said, ' Oh well, better her being haunted than us then isnt it?' Sophie couldnt believe what she just heard and was about to go out and ask them what they meant when the bell went.

What did they mean haunted, well, she would find out soon enough, not that she knew that of course!!!

The End

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