First day

'Mum im leaving!' Sophie shouted up the stairs of her new house as the school bus turned up outside her broken outside gate, when they had reached the town of Edinburgh, the landlord had explained that the reason the old, huge, spooky house was up for sale so cheap is because it was supposedaly the most haunted house in Edinburgh! Sophie's Mum Kat, had just laughed and said that the house just need some TLC and that was all!

Sophie was busy daydreaming about this moment when all the kids in the bus started shouting things like ' hurry up newby, are you scared of going to school or something?' The bus driver just  laughed and shouted, 'dont worry kid, everyone used to be scared of school, you'll get over it.' Sophie clambered clumsily onto the bright yellow school bus and took the only empty seat, next to a boy with long, straight hair, he looked like her old boyfriend, who had dumped her when  he found out she was moving and Sophie felt really embarresed and just smiled at him stupidly like some little kid for the whole journey!

When the bus finally stopped outside the school, when the boy wanted out of his seat he cleared his throat and said ' excuse me hun' and then he walked off, Sophie stared after him, forgetting that she had to get off the bus as well and settled down in her seat again. Soon the bus driver noticed and came out of the drivers box to say something, she said' you better get to class young lady, you dont want to be late on your first day!' And with that relisation suddenly dawned on Sophie and she said bye to the bus driver and ran off to class!


The End

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