sophie is a typical 14 year old teenager, when she moves to a new school she turns invisible, and nobody wants to be friends with her, she turns to her sister rebecca, but why cant rebecca see her???

Sophie hauled her suitcase off the bed and downstairs, she had to move to a town, she didnt even know the name of the town, all she knew was that she didnt want to move and that she now hated her Mum, at her old school she was popular, had lots of friends, and the best boyfriend ever, but now she had to move just because her Mum got a prommotion in working with a company that sells apples, i mean apples, it could of at least been a fruit that was nice to eat!!!

As Sophie climbed into the black cab waiting outside her house, her old house!! She had no clue that in approximately 48 hrs, her life would have changed forever!

The End

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