The Annoying LetterMature

Rory gestured for the man to sit at the table. He did so with a glazed expression on his face.

"Are you allowed to hypnotise postmen?" I whispered.

"He's not an ordinary postman," Rory replied. "And who's going to do anything about it?"

"It doesn't feel right."

"Well, don't worry about it. If you're really uncomfortable, you can sit out while I question him. Now what does your letter say?"

He took the letter the hypnotised man was holding and handed it to me.

I carefully opened the envelope. I pulled out the letter and unfolded it.

Dear Miss Linton, it read.

You will have, without a doubt, chanced upon your birthstone, Perhaps contrary to your beliefs, it was not there by accident. It is a present from the Atlanteans: an ancient race from which you are descended.

One millennium ago, a group of invaders came to your world, named the Black Ones. They sought to take this world by force. It was a dark time in our history: much knowledge was lost. The Great Ones defeated the Black Ones but before the Dark left, they used their power to bury Atlantis under the sea.

            The Great Ones knew that they would not be able to stop the Dark when it came a second time. They used their knowledge to capture their powers into stones. Unfortunately, only their descendants can use the stones.

The ten others are currently together in a house in another dimension - our dimension - preparing to fight this force of evil. You were deemed too young to participate in this mission. No more shall be said on the matter. If you are interested, we may have another mission for you. We may, in exchange, inform you of the other ten children's progress. To accept this mission, send a reply with the postman - he knows where to go. Upon our receipt of your letter, you shall be transported to Atlantis by your turquoise.

We wish you a pleasant day and hope you will use your power wisely.

Yours sincerely,

Eliza D'Arcelius

Secretary of Sterilius Martelian

"What condescending jerks," I muttered.

"Yeah: how dare they say you're tto young to save the world?" Rory sounded indignant.

"What?!" I asked, bewildered. "How do you know what the letter says?"

Rory hadn't looked at the letter once. He had been gazing at the back of it and watching my reaction.

"Psychic, remember?" he said, pointing at himself.

"Oh, of course." I put the letter on the table. "Well, d'you think we should ‘accept their mission'?"

"Oh definitely. It might help us learn more about them and your power."

"I agree. What were you going to ask the postman?"

"Hm, I already know that he's not from this world: he's a servant of those Atlanteans in disguise. We could ask him more about the people he works for, though."

"Yeah, like about how they knew about me being descended from them and what things they're renowned for. If they're evil, we should try and warn these other ten people."

"Okay, let's start then." Rory turned to face the postman. "Tell us more about the Atlanteans."

The End

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