Invisibility and AtlantisMature

The sequel to 'Charley and Rory'. Charley finds turquoise and discovers that she is a descendant of the Atlanteans. She also finds that ten other teenagers are in her position but that she can do nothing to help.

Breakfast in Bed

A knock on the bedroom door. I put down the book I had been trying to read (and failing because my thoughts were always occupied with one person) and called "Come in."

The door opened. In walked the love of my life carrying a breakfast tray.

"Rory!" I groaned. "I wish you wouldn't make me breakfast: you always make me too much and I feel obliged to eat it. You're going to make me fat."

Rory rolled his eyes. "You're exaggerating." His face darkened. "Plus, I'll never forget how you looked the day we got back together."

I sighed. "Rory, I was depressed: I didn't have the heart to eat. Seeing as I'm never going to be depressed again, you don't have to worry."

"I like to be sure," Rory said.

He came forwards and sat down on my bed. He placed the tray on my lap.

"Now, are you going to eat or am I going to have to feed you?" Rory teased.

I was not amused. Resignedly, I picked up my knife and fork and started on the plate of food before me which comprised four slices of bacon, three sausages, two fried eggs and spaghetti. In addition to the cooked food, there was a bowl of cereal, a glass of orange juice and a mug of hot chocolate.

I was up against the wall and Rory sat next to me, beginning to absently stroke the ends of my hair and twirl them round his fingers.

My cutlery hovered above my plate as I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling of the gentle tug at each strand. The pulls suddenly stopped.

"Sorry, that's distracting you, isn't it?"

I opened my eyes and looked at Rory, raising an eyebrow.

"Since when has distracting me been a bad thing?"

Rory shrugged. "I don't know, I just thought that the quicker you ate, the sooner we could do something more ... enjoyable."

My heartbeat accelerated as Rory leant in and kissed the skin to the left of my mouth.

I was about to kiss him back when he suddenly leant away and put a finger against my lips, holding me back.

"Eat first," he murmured.

"Rory," I moaned.

Rory chuckled. "Anyone would think I deprived you of love. Or was some evil, possessive boyfriend."

"Well, you may not be nasty and controlling but you do deprive me of love." I stuck my tongue out at him.

He rolled his eyes. "If you don't hurry up, I will. Now eat."

Rolling my eyes, I resumed eating.

The End

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