I'm Not Sure, You Tell Me, You Wrote It!

“Attack! Destroy that thing!” Shelvett screamed. The soldiers hurried to the door, each of them using their powers to attack the mist and whatever was on the other side. Shelvett dodged a bolt that flew right by his face, throwing himself to the floor. As he landed, he turned towards his two captives as they layed on the floor themselves. “What have you done?” he hissed, “You did this, I know you did! Nothing can break through my barriers, yet that… thing, would have if I hadn’t stopped! What did you do?!”
Before he could get a response, there was another explosion from the hall. Getting up as fast as he could, Shelvett turned to face the smoke as it billowed into the room and surrounded him.  As soon as he was enveloped completely he found that he could no longer hear his soldiers moving. He couldn’t hear anything. He could only see what seemed to be a couple inches in front of him as the cloud thickened. Calming his mind and emptying it of thought Shelvett tried to draw on the forces of air to dispel the cloud but found that he was unable to make it budge. He drew in as much power as he could hold and tried using it to force an opening so that he could at least see what was happening. A tunnel appeared in front of him and at first he believed that he had been successful. As he walked down the passage however, he realized that he was going in a direction that should not have been possible if he were still in the Craeth laboratories.  Halting were he stood he waited for something to happen, irritated that he was not in control but vying for an opportunity to gain some. As he stood surrounded by mist he released the power of the air around him expecting the tunnel to vanish. But as he watched, he found that it only was made more solid, the walls of mist becoming more solid and defined. As if there was someone even stronger than him, someone keeping him from exerting his will. As the realization of what was happening, Shelvett began to feel something that he hadn’t felt in many years, something unfamiliar that tweaked a memory. Pushing it aside he continued walking forward, searching with all of his skill for whoever was controlling the tunnel.
The light in the tunnel began to grow quickly, the suddenness of it blinding Shelvett.

The End

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