What is going On With This

“Do you remember the day we arrived at the Cræth? It was rather similar to this, I dare say. We were surrounded by ten people, and…”
“I remember.”
Turning to face his lost friend, Shelvett smiled. “Yes, I see that you do. I assume you also recall what the master said about champions?”
His lips tight, the man nodded sharply in agreement and stared at the man standing over him. All of the others in the room had confused looks on their faces.
But before Shelvett could continue with his interrogation , there was a loud crash from behind him down the hall, and he spun around ready to attack. As everyone looked to the door to see what happened, they watched as a mass of white smoke flowed down the hall towards them.  Shelvett walked to the door and held his hand out, as if commanding the smoke to stop.  As the smoke roiled closer, it started to slow and finally stopped, as though it hit a wall inches from the man’s hand.
As they all stared at the wall of smoke they saw that someone was walking towards them through it. “You know, it’s quite rude to interfere with someone’s grand entrance.” The voice echoed out of the smoke, drifting towards them as though from someone far away. “I am going to ask you to lower your hand now, Shelvett, and back into the room. We wouldn’t want to have to fight now, would we?” Shelvett turned to his people in the room, his face pale as the smoke crept closer, trying to break through his barrier.

The End

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