:O Its Magic!

The guidance point of the orb took over, increasing the speed of the dance of music and color to a speed so great that the light was absorbed into it. They were able to focus on sustaining the shield while it was bombarded with attacks from every direction, keeping it from collapsing and ending their mission. They gripped each other’s hands tightly, knowing that they would either be cut off or die. But they threw their all at protecting the child, praying that they would succeed and that he would be able to revive their dying race.
As the light joined with the weave, a hole began to grow in the space above the boy. It grew until it was big enough for a large child to easily fit through, and then it began to pull at him. He lifted off from the table and was sucked into the hole with a blast of light as it disappeared, any traces that he had ever been o the table gone. As soon as he was gone, they allowed the shield to fall.
They were instantly surrounded by the forces that had been attacking their shield, and were immobilized. There were ten men and women surrounding them, all of them creators. As the pair looked around, they saw that there was also an eleventh person, a man, standing at the entrance to the room.

The End

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