The music and colors blended together into one, and they began to spin and dance and jump around above the child. The beauty grew greater with every passing second, the ecstasy of the dance filling the minds of both the man and the woman. As they continued to spin and direct the flows, it grew brighter and stronger, spinning and dancing faster and faster. Closing their eyes just in time, a burst of light erupted from their weave of music and color, a pillar of pure white light that descended from the weave to connect with the child. The light was so intense that their eyes hurt even when closed, so bright and of the purest white that their eyes stung even through their glasses. The child began to glow and be filled with light and music and color, and as it was surrounded by the beauty, the colored ball began to glow as well, absorbing the greater amount of the power. The ball became white, pure and filled with the power of the beauty. With a burst of blue light, the child jerked and started to breath, its chest rising and falling in time with the music.

The voices were louder still, and the footsteps faster and closer, approaching them quickly. The man sang faster than he had ever done before, directing the music with a skill that was practically unseen among most creators. The woman directed the colors with a skill to match any of the greatest of men, and together they urged it on faster than anyone had ever tried, faster than anyone had ever thought of even attempting with closed eyes. The speed becomes so intense, that it started to make the light blink, grabbing at the light and forcing it into the dance as well.

The door burst open, but before anyone could stop them the pair guided the weave to enclose them in a bubble of power, cutting them off from the others if their world. They could feel the others trying to tear down their shield, but they diverted their focus to the orb of darkness in the child’s hand, drawing on its power and guidance to help them complete their task. They had to draw the light into the weave as a part of the dance, so that they would be able to send the child forward through time, so that he would be born in the time he needed to be so that the creator race would live on through him.

The End

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