On the two halves of the inverted world of Gemini, a man gets caught in a dark struggle for the fate of a world already doomed. As the world screams its death throes, a dark figure moves to take advantage of a chance for a power beyond measure.

There was no wind at the joining point of the world, no day, no night. Nothing except for a giant gate guarded by two massive dragon statues that stared menacingly out onto the Eastern portion of the world. A group of terrified looking men in ragged clothing and carrying rusty weapons jumped and wimpered at every noise that echoed relentlessly here, every whisper, every step, even a cough's echo sounded like the deep roar of a beast from hell. They were held in check by a thing that barely seemed human.

It looked like a human, save for the scales that covered a large portion of his body and the short tale that protruded behind his legs. He wore little armour and had a ridge of black hair that looked almost like spines running the length of his back. His black soulless eyes scanned the statues guarding the gate with suspicion as he licked his lips with anticipation.

"Open it." The thing barked, its voice deep, growling.

Two of the quivering humans shambled awkwardly forward, wailing faint, weak and desperate protests as they did so. One of them carried a small wooden box laden with latches and locks, brilliant light seeped out of the cracks in the poorly made construction and illuminated the otherwise dark area. The box itself shook and wriggled at intervals, as if it were alive. The two men nervously crept forward, eyeing with suspicion the monstrous visages of the two dragons as they guarded their prize.

The thing watched intently, he had taken too long to reach this place. Between the two halves of the world, at the joining point of magic, he would finally claim his prize. The two men began to dart back as the two statues growled a hideous, gutteral noise. The leader hissed angrily at the fleeing men and, deciding they would take there chances at the gate before disobeying their leader, they obeyed and continued.

"Hurry up." The thing called after them. He began grow impatient with the ignorant band of brigands. They wailed in terror as if their lives were of worth. The leader did not hold them in such high esteem, they were tools, to be used and be disposed of as such should they cease to be useful. Just as any common tool.

The two men finally cowered and crawled their way to gate and dropped the box. It began to shake uncontrollably on landing. One of the men pressed his weight against it to hold it in place, the other began to feverishly unlock the box. The two men looked back when their task was done, a look of terror and anxiety fixed into their expressions.

The box shook more violently this time, the lid flew open, throwing the man on top into the middle of the bridge that connected the construct and the gate guarding it to this part of the world. Out of it burst a small light, a star no less. Such a thing was near impossible to get. Unpredictable, quick and strong despite being little more than shining, sentient rock. The star bounced and dances, leaving shards of light in its wake. The man still standing tried to grab it but was too slow and cumbersome.

The men who stayed behind to whisper, they seemed more at ease now. They could see the faint light in the empty abyss before them. Their leader could see exactly what was happening, his sight, his hearing, his sense of smell were all radically more senseitive than any normal human. He held a hand up to silence the men, something was happening.

Back in the distance the star had stopped bouncing, now it hovered in the air spinning as the man tried pitifully to jump and grab it. The thing hissed with rage as the star began to glow red. He had failed again.

The star began to make a screeching noise, a horrific and terrible noise as if imitating the sounds of the desperate in the bowels of hell. The dragon statues began to react to the star, fire began to stream from the mouths of the great rock beasts. The two unfortunates at the gate turned and began to run, they were far too late. The statues sent a roaring inferno after the fleeing men and they were engulfed in hateful wrath. The star stopped flashing now and began to bounce and dance its way towards the group.

"Don't let it escape." The thing roared, throwing another man forward. He jumped and waved his hands pathetically in an attempt to grab the star. The nimble thing easily evaded his advance and danced away into the night and escaped.

The men really began to tremble now, they watched their leader with helpless, desperate eyes. The thing stared blankly for a while, taking in its failure. It breathed heavily with a growl, the men around him wimpered with terror and some turned and fled.

With an almighty roar the thing grabbed one man with a great clawed hand and tore out his throat. He crushed it in his hand as he sent a bolt of red lightening from the fingers of his other hand. The bolt hit another fleeing man, tearing him to the bone. In a blind rage the thing fired bolt after bolt at his defenceless charges, they were like terrified bugs now, scattering randomly. Not knowing where to go, just hoping against hope that they escaped. Not one did.

The End

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