MJ knew it was dangerous, shuffling through the tight, but surprisingly large, vent. It was too close to the aliens, but she could see and hear everything.

These particular four had literally been termed the 'out-casts' by a few cruel cadets back in their training days, and it had stuck with them. Now, here they were, about to lose eachother.


Jayti glanced at Korrya, then at Lorban. Neither of them moved, nor did they want to. Nor did they reach for their interface rings. Then Korrya glanced at the roof.  Noise. Moving. Shuffling.

The vent was blocked by something, something big.

Terc and Taz, however, paid no attention to their comrades. They were too busy fighting.

Now Taz's father had been one of the top commanders in his day, but his motehr had been a street urchin, who had gotten into the academy out of luck. When the two of them had mated and had Taz, most said that he would never make it, anywhere.

Taz did not take being called a half-breed lightly, whether he was open about the secret or not, and he showed this through his flying fists and sharp teeth.

Despite being bigger and stronger, Terc soon began fighting to stay alive.


MJ squirmed. It was beginning to get hot and uncomfortable in the vent, and she was just about stuck. the vent began to creak under her weight. . .

 . . .and she fell right into the center of the room directly in front of Taz and Terc.

The End

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