Once Jayti and the guards finally left (but not before some more ranting about how little fight it took to get them into the brig), Jake looked at Leeroy strangely.

"What was the point of getting mad at Jayti if nothing comes out of it? And another thing, why am I asking that?" he said with a sidelong glance at Roxy and Leeroy, who ignored him and began whispering to eachother.

"What do we do now?" Roxy demanded in a whisper.

"We need to test it." Leeroy whispered back.


"I've got it arranged."

"Lee, I mean how are you going to test it?" Roxy said irritably, grabbing his arm.

"MJ's stil-"

"No!" a voice called softly. "Tomorrow, Leeroy."

"What?" Roxy and Leeroy exclaimed in unison.

"MJ!" Jake exclaimed. "What happened? Did you sneak off?"

"Yes." came the call. "Don't tell. Leeroy and I will get you all out tomorrow."

"How?" Everyone looked at Leeroy, who knew that MJ would be gone.

He held up the tiny ring that he had pulled off of Jayti. "It's an interface ring. It gets her through doors," he explained.

"and it opens things like jail cells."


MJ bolted silently away from the jail cell. She had listened to Jayti  speak with the others, and knew that she was only partially right. She had launched one of their escape pods, but taken what she could from the inside first.

She was still trying to find where they were keeping Leeroy's paintball gun and other things that had been taken, that's why they weren't ready yet.

Why had she done what she did? She was generally a sit-back-and-watch type of girl. It was so confusing. . . .

Whatever. It wouldn't be long now before they could go home.

The End

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