Ouside, inside.

At least they were all in one place.

The 'cell' they had been given was big enough that they all had barely decent space. Together, at least. MJ appreciated that. She sighed and waited for the tiny patrol to pass by, then snuck around. They had been there for four days, she knew. She had taken Jake's watch.


They had been marched to the brig a few days ago.

Jake sat down glumly. Jayti had agreed to look for MJ first, conducting the search herself, with Mackenzie and Chris following. Nothing. A shipwide search would be conducted as well, until she was recovered, they had been assured.

After that, all household items that could be used as weapons had been confiscated, including Leeroy's paintball gun and anything that decorated the walls.

He watched as Piper and Hailey played make-believe with the two little girls, Piper and Sarah. 

Jayti walked by, and grinned as Jake sat up straight, trying to look angry as her. Roxy looked up, but ignored the Trainer and Torturer and continued to converse with her brother.

"Have you seen your look-a-like yet, Earth child?"  she grinned, fingering the lock on the cell door.

"I'm not a child." Jake retorted, but without conviction. 

"We still have not found her, you know. She could have found an escape pad and left. She is smart, I assume." Jayti's voice had a hint of irony.

Jake jumped up. "She'd never. I promise you that she'll come right here, any day now. . .or night. Whatever it is." He glared at the small alien.

Leeroy walked up the the cell doors, and grabbed Jayti's small arm. "I hope that you have fun torturing with a broken wrist." he said, his voice low and dangerous. 

Jayti's eyes narrowed as she tried to wriggle her wrist free. 

Leeroy let her slip narrowly.

The End

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