Inside (also entitled: surrounded)

It had been built for a lot of aliens. If this was the advance team's ship, how many more aliens were there?

MJ had silently slipped out while Leeroy was trying to convince Roxy he was alright when he wasn't. She had taken the BB gun and ammo from Leeroy when he sat down on the couch. In the mass of red, she ran for the door.

She knew someone would see her leave, and she wasn't being very responsible. But if she could get one of the aliens, better yet that general who's voice had boomed throughout the room. Must've been a microphone or a speaker somewhere.

She managed to find the door, and waited for an alien to open it.

And then they poured into the room.

Lots of three foot aliens, all of whom took no notice of her crouching behind the small, half open door. She watched them begin to surround the house, some of them climbing onto it. Great. Just brilliant.

But Roxy and Jake could handle themselves.

She noticed the door begin to close, and slipped through it.

Inside the ship. Finally, they had a backup plan.


Jake, Roxy, Mackenzie and Chris all stood in front of Leeroy and the four younger girls. The aliens were everywhere, and Jayti was at their head, carrying a small device on a string around her neck.


"Not now, Rox."

"Where's MJ?"

"I don't know! I'm not her keeper. By the way, can I grab weapons now?"

"If you can rip them off the walls." Leeroy said dubiously.

"Where is she?" Roxy demanded, glaring at Jayti.  "The other human, an adolescent female? You've got to have her if she isn't here."

"I do not know. My helpers are searching the house right now, but if she is not here, the ship will be scoured until she is found."  Jayti assured her.

"We're not leaving until you find her." Jake said flatly.

Ignoring Jake, Jayti pushed past them and headed towards Leeroy.

"What are you doing?' Roxy demanded.

"I have been ordered to heal him so that he may walk to the brig with the rest of you." Jayti said flatly, pressing the device against Leeroy's bandaged foot.

The End

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