As they headed to the front door, Roxy grabbed her brother's arm. "It's a good plan, but you're not going. "

"Roxy, you just helped me out." he protested.

"Yes, I helped you take action. But you can't go out there like that. One of them shot your foot. It's not safe for you, Lee."

"But, Rox. . ." Leeroy searched for an argument as Jake silently took the paintball gun from him.

Mackenzie looked on in disappointment. "How come he's walking normally?" he demanded. "It really didn't hurt him."

"Do you know how long Leeroy has taken drama classes for? I know that he's really in pain. Look, he's still limping, see?" she guestured as Jake led Leeroy over to a couch. 

 Mackenzie sighed. "Why can't we all go then? Better yet, just follow the alien out. Leeroy can stay with the girls if he really needs to. "

"Or you could surrender." a loud, deep bass called from nowhere. Everyone tensed at the sound of the cruel, laughing voice.


The Supreme Invasion Advance General laughed as he saw the humans squirm tensely at his voice, he very presence. Perhaps they were ready. Wtih her closest kin wounded, the smart girl would be wary, but would sway a bit teasier.  This would be fun, capturing the humans.


Jake jumped up. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"The Supreme Invasion Advance General, at your service. Or should I say, you are at mine." he chuckled.  "I believe that you are no doubt good warriors, but if all goes well, your earth will have peace."

"What do you care?" Roxy demanded. "We may not have the upper hand, but if you tell us why this is happening, we can talk terms. Learn about eachother."

The General sneered. "You are not equal to me. We are going to take you to the brig, where you will wait for further information."

"Whoa. . .there's tons of them!" Piper and Hailey looked out the window.

The End

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