Hailey's plan and Leeroy's action

"What?" Hailey exclaimed.

Jake looked at Roxy with surprise. "Yeah, what?"

"Why don't one or two of us just walk out there?" she asked.

"Isn't that a bit risky?" Piper asked softly.

"No more risky then it is for the aliens." Leeroy said, standing up. "I wonder if I still have the strap for my paintball gun?" He said, almost to himself.

"But who'd go?" Mackenzie asked.

"I would." Leeroy said cooly as he walked upstairs.

"What about Sarah or Ella?" Chris asked nonchanontly.

Protests from all sides reached his ears.

"Chris!" "That wouldn't work!" "What is your problem, dude?" "Why Sarah or Ella?"


Leeroy ran upstairs, immediately finding the strap for his paintball gun. He looked around the walls and rooms, trying to find it; it had to be here somewhere. . . .


"No, no, no, no, no. No. No! You've got it all wrong, guys. They're about the size of the aliens, right? Well, Ella might have trouble passing, but Sarah is so tiny that she'd be perfect."

"Thought not in a very beneficial way, Chris. It's a good idea, but we can't send the smallest of us in unless it's the only option.Which it isn't. What we need is someone to go with Leeroy." Roxy stated matter-of-factly.

Chris looked crestfallen for a moment, then brightened. "I could." He remarked.

"No." Mackenzie and Jake both stated.

"Jake is staying." MJ told them in a final voice. "But Mackenzie could go. You just need-"

"A good plan." Leeroy reentered the room. He had strapped his paintball gun to his back, and taken  two BB guns, as well as all the ammo he could find for both. (There goes a part of my birthday present. He thought regrettably when he had found it)

"Mack, you coming?" Leeroy asked. Mackenzie eagerly ran to join his friend.

"Just a minute." Roxy said. She looked at Leeroy. "Is something missing?" Leeroy produced two small belts with straps for dagger hilt and grinned. "Can you help us, Rox?"

Roxy nodded and took the BB guns and belts. "I swear that Dad was going to open a museum here. I mean, weapons everywhere?" she shook her head at Leeroy, who helped Mackenzie with the belt.

The End

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