When the world is at war part 2

"Come on. They shoot without a second thought, Roxy!"

"They probably planned it out, Jake." Roxy shot back.

"Let me take 'em down." He said, planting his hands firmly on her shoulders to move her.

"You're not touching anything on the walls yet." She pulled his hands away.

"I already did that."

"Jake, you're being ridiculous!"

"And you're not preparing for the future. They could be trying to enslave us for all we know. What about Ella and Sarah? If we all stay here, we're doomed."

"We don't really have that many options."


"That's why you look at the options you have, O stubborn one." He turned to his sister. "MJ! What are our options?" He grinned at Roxy's slightly stunned face as she sat down on a nearby couch.

MJ glanced from her brother to Roxy for a moment, then shrugged. It wouldn't do any harm to talk about this.

"Well, we have two or three at the most. The first one is obvious-"

"Stay here and do nothing." Leeroy interjected.

"The second one is to let them take us to their brig and go from there. Not so good from any angle, despite what Jake and Leeroy may come up with." She glanced at her brother irritably.

Jake, of course, ignored his twin. "The third is to get out. Either by force or maneuvering, it won't be easy."

"Why don't we just walk outside?" Hailey piped up. "What could happen? It's not like it'll kill us. Besides, if you guys are armed-"

"Hailey, that is actually a really interesting idea." Roxy remarked with a smile.

The End

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