When the world is at war

"I thought the orders were to scare them." Taz said to Jayti as they watched the feed from the first human confrontation in over ten generations.

"I have studied the humans, Taz. You are what they would call a geek."  she paused to drink from a flask.

"I am what they would call a dangerous woman. We are not so different from them. They act brave when they are scared. They protect their young without question. They are, also," She paused to drink again

"Reckless."  the familiar bass of the Supreme Invasion Advance General interrupted, causing Jayti to choke on her drink.  Taz switched off the feed.

"Absolutely reckless! Since when did my Trainer and Torturer have a temper? When she was being trained herself?"

"It is a game to them, my General. You always taught me that jokes were irrelevant to our cause. So I-"

"Lamed a perfectly good slave!"

"His foot will heal if treated, my General." Taz interrupted.

"Be quiet, you fool! If I had my way, I would have a different crew. However, since  no one here is so lucky-" 

Taz and Jayti glanced at eachother in annoyance.

"-you will not be punished. Not yet. Should you remind me why you were put here, I will have you both promoted. Now try and get a signal, a transmission, something from that blasted machine!"

"Right away, my General."

The End

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