"Do they think this is a game?"

Now Jake had had enough.  He pushed Roxy aside,  grabbed one of the decorative swords off the wall, and pointed it at the Trainer and Torturer.

"Alright, here's the show, puny blue minion. We're staying here, and you can go tell your General that we have no interest in being prisoners to aliens that are a quarter of our size."

Jayti grinned at Jake. "Do you have the liberty of a mind on your planet, brave one? As you have probably assumed, technology is no problem with us aliens." She pulled her weapon from her belt.

"Calling us stupid doesn't get you anywhere." Leeroy remarked, stepping up beside Jake. "But I guess a compromise won't work here. Go back to your leader and tell him that we'll only talk terms with the one in charge. We're not that deprived of brain cells."

Roxy and MJ also stood beside the two boys. "Go." 

Jayti locked her weapon and shot a small beacon into the floor, then relocked and shot one at Leeroy's foot.  "Let that be a reminder of who you are dealing with." She said coldly. "Talking terms. Do they think this is a game?" she muttered to her companions.

They left, slamming the door behind them.

Leeroy was doubled over, trying to pull the beacon out of his foot.

"Don't touch it!" MJ exclaimed.  Too late. Leeroy pulled the beacon out of his foot. Roxy rushed to find bandages.

"Wow." Leeroy remakred.

"Hold still." Roxy ordered as she bandadged his foot.

"Shooting without reason. What is this to them, a game?" she murmurred angrily as she bandaged his wound.

"I hope not." Chris called from the other room. "Is it okay to come out now? We were barely able to keep quiet."

Roxy sighed.

"Yeah, you can come out. We have to decide what to do next."

The End

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