The meeting

Jake pushed them all back, closing the curtain as he did.

"Jake, what are you doing, they could've seen us already!" MJ exclaimed.

"Yeah? From that distance, they probably don't know how many of us there are in here.  So, here's what we should do. You know how the house is decorated with swords and stuff, right everyone?"

"Hold it!" Roxy exclaimed.  "Don't go making war plans just yet. I can find out a lot about these. . .whatever they are. Just let me do the talking." She turned to her brother's friend.  "Mackenzie? I need you and Chris to take the girls to the other room; and be quiet."

There was a knock on the door. MJ went to answer it as Mackenzie and Chris ushered the four girls into an adjacent room out of sight.

"Where is the leader of your small rabble?" an almost crystalline voice demanded in an emotionless tone. Three short, pale blue human-like figures with hair the color of light entered the room, one bearing a belt with some sort of weapon.

Jake started to step forward, but his sister elbowed his stomach to stop him. Roxy stepped forward to meet the small creatures.

"What is it you wish?" She asked in the same tone, hoping her size would intimidate them at the very least. At least she had that advantage.

"We wish to inform you that you and all of the humans in this house that you are our prisoners, along with all of Earth if the General has his way."

"The General?" Roxy inquired, ignoring the strange statement. "I would like to meet him, if possible. That is, if you want any cooperation from us. By the way, do have the liberty of names around here?"

Jake and Leeroy looked at her in surprise. The liberty of names?

The alien grinned, showing razor sharp teeth. "I am called Jayti, the Trainer and Torturer. If you would tell your smaller human friends to come out, I will take you all to the brig. You shall see much of the Supreme Invasion Advance General there."

The End

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