The Red Room

The children moaned as they began to distangle themselves. It was dark, for the moment. 

Since no one could see, it was difficult to move without hitting someone.

"Get off me!"  "My leg!" " Ouch!"  "Move it!"  "I'm not on you!"

Roxanne managed to distangle herself and stood what she thought was a good distance from the others.  

"Alright, who's not dead, sound off." she called. The others all called back to her, Leeroy's voice coming from the kitchen.

"Lee?" she called. "What are you doing?"A light moved into the room.

"Candles." He said simply. He set a large candle from the kitchen on top of the televison, which had not moved in the crash.  He began to light other candles, placing them around the room.

Roxanne grinned at her brother, then began to speak to them all.

"Alright. So, what happened? Anybody care to try and analyze?"

"It's red outside." Hailey remarked.


"Outside. It's red. Look!" Hailey pointed to the window. MJ went to the window, the others close behind.

"I can't see!" Ella exclaimed. Jake picked her up.

"It's . ."

" . .endless." MJ finished.

"Whoa." Chris whispered.


Three short, almost human like things were walking through the red towards the house. One of them was armed with something.

The End

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