"I told you to put them down gently, you numbskull!"  a deep bass voice exclaimed. "Now they'll wish to venture outside!"

The Supreme Invasion Advance General was not happy with his Technical Advancing Officer.  "Mess up like that again and you're fired!"

"Where would you find another who could take this position, My General?" Taz, the Technical Advaning Officer, demanded mockingly. "I was put here for a reason."

"You were put here because I allowed it, meatrind! Now get back to work! They must not leave the premises before we are ready!"

"Right away, my General."

The Gorgothrians, rulers of the fourth dimension, had been planning on this forever. All they had to do was move the human's primary living space off of their Multiweapon.

The Multiweapon had been designed generations before, by the best experts Gorgothrian coin could buy.

The Advance Team, along with their ship and crew, had come to a nearby planet to resupply their ship's fuel with a special gas. Which was, luckily found on a planet known as Saturn to the humans.

Gorgothrians, with their turquoise-tinted skin and light-colored hair, were about one half the size of an average human, meaning three feet tall. They despised few races but their own.

Terc, the Leading Driver and Advancer of the ship, was no different. As well as his recently claimed title, he had been appointed Secondary General for this mission. He had always sneered at the humans and their "third dimension."

He was glad the the primary mission was to take the house and whatever humans were in it. Then he could go back to Gorgothria as soon as possible.

Hopefully with Jayti, the dangerously attractive Trainer and Torturer aboard the ship.  As she walked by, he called her over.

"Yes?" she asked impatiently.

"What did you do with the humans?" He asked.

"The Red Room. It's where we contain prisoners of all nature. "

"I know what the Red Room is, Jayti."

She shrugged. "You have never been in it before, though."

"It's your job to be there. My job is to make sure the ship's coordinates are correct, and the the crew goes about their duties. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be in the Red Room right now?"

"I am waiting for Taz to purify the oxygen." she said as she walked away.

The End

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