This is fan fiction based on a movie.
An alien invasion, except it's backwards! When time stops in all but one place, a group of children are forced into a different world to fight off the Supreme Invasion Advance General and his assistants.

Their parents were out for the day.


It had started raining, so they went inside. Eleven kids alone on a rainy day is not a good idea. Why? Dangerous things can happen.

Amazing things, too.

As the thunder rolled, you could swear that angels were actually bowling strikes up there.  Jake and MJ, a pair of teenage twins more opposite then fire and ice, were both aware that something was not right.  Nobody's watches were working. Cell phones? Not a chance.

"Why is that clock moving when your watch isn't?" Eight-year-old Piper asked Jake.

"I don't know. It's brand new, I bought it just before we came here." He sighed at the thought of having to return his watch to the store. It had been the last one in stock.

"It's because that clock isn't digital, Piper. It used cogs and gears." Roxanne, who was sixteen, had been searching the house, wondering why everything had seemed to come to a standstill.

The rest of the group, Leeroy, Sarah, Ella, Hailey, Chris and Mackenzie, were virtually or partially unaware.

Until it happened.

It started with thumps coming from the vents, which circulated through the old house. Little Ella and Sarah, who were both only five, began to feel a certain presence. Sarah began to cry, and twelve-year-old Chris wordlessly knelt down to comfort his little sister.

A look passed between Jake and Roxanne just as the television came on.

"Hey, the video games work again!" Mackenzie exclaimed.

MJ (who preferred the initials to Mary Jane), glanced at the telveision, then up at the roof. It sounded like pounding feet up there now.

"Something's not. . ."  The volume on the television began to blast.

"Mackenzie!" Roxanne exclaimed.

"I didn't do it!" he yelled back over the noise. 

Leeroy grabbed his paintball gun. Jake grabbed a baseball bat. "Hey, Rox?" he called.

"Yeah?"  she called back.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know! It's probably a trick or something. "

"A trick?" Jack exclaimed. Now is wasn't just thunder rumbling.  "Then why is most of the power out, huh? This is too weird to be a trick!"

"You're seventeen, act like it! Now's not the time to ask questions."

Roxy and MJ began moved the children into the center of the room. The older ones began to form a protective ring around Chris, Hailey, Piper, Ella and Sarah.

 The noise stopped.

They waited a moment,  wondering why. The television was off,  and the pounding had ceased.

"Why'd it stop?" Hailey asked.

"It's better then all of the noise."  Leeroy remarked.

Just then, everyone went flying.

It was like the house had landed somewhere,  only it was frozen, so nothing moved but them.

The End

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