how does a person feel while watching a movie in which there is a peaceful city and all its inhabitants are in a good mood while suddenly there is a meteor crash followed by an exposure of a gaseous element,which brings out genetic changes in humans and a lot of damage to the city due to explosions.on seeing this the person remembers the story of the country of aneroid.


20th june 3020, evening, colonel morisson was walking down the stairs of the security department (s.d).a group of reporters followed him asking hundreds of questions about the recent battle with the texans (green biological units) or  the conditions of the s.d. but the man said said nothing and boarded his n.f.m. (nuclear flying machine) and soon left the place.

Colonel Morisson was the ablest and bravest soldier in all parts of the s.d. Morisson joined the s.d army in 2050 and was a trusted member.even if he was a good soldier ,he also was a good citizen.he helped people in many ways. he was 1120 ,had a wife and two children but unfortunately they were no more. when he reached home he found a d-letter on his desk. it had a message on it which started with- from-Plato. He read the message inside- 

Mr morisson,

                      meet me at the hover-garden at 7:00in the morning tomorrow.this is very not let anyone know.



Morisson was surprised on reading the letter. this was the first letter he had ever recieved to meet someone privately so he decided to go.

The End

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