Invading Galaxies (Parts II, III, IV and V)Mature

Invading Galaxies Part II
There was never a part I

I breathe slower as I watch you sleep.
My feet are freezing.
It's funny to see you slumber through the pile of clothes and bullshit you leave on your bed, you look like a Tetris block fitting perfectly.
I wonder if I should wake you up so I can join you but you're looking so pretty.
Well, not really, you have your mouth open and you're snoring like a drill.
So fucking cold.

Invading Galaxies Part III
There was never a part I

How did I get here?
We were drinking with some of your friends back in the worst bar in town.
The bathroom smelled like shit.
I remember one of them was wearing a Thundercats T-shirt.
Man, I fucking Thundercats.
Now I doze off in a bed I don't know and you're not by my side.
But so is the Thundercats' fan.
At least he doesn't have that shirt on anymore.

Invading Galaxies Part IV
There was never a part I

I enjoy doing stuff just because.
I know this cigarette is killing me and I don't even like tobacco.
The plan is that my life has to be really ironic, so maybe karma will stop making fun of me.
I even slept with your friend altough I don't like guys.
Much less those who like Thundercats.
Luckily you found that funny because I won't have anywhere to sleep if you dump me.

Invading Galaxies Part V
There was never part I

I really like the number 5.
But not 1.
Number 1 sucks.

The End

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