“Wilbur, did you fall asleep?”

Wilbur’s eyes snapped open and he jumped, spreading out and tensing on the couch.

“Bro, I’m at the best part,” Ashkii dropped his head in disappointment. Wilbur cried a howl of fear.

“I forgot dinner. Sheila’s going to rip my nuts off!” he hollered before jumping from the couch and speeding out the door.

Ashkii was left alone in the settling dust.

He sat and held his head low in his hands. Finally, he stood up and walked outside, stretching his arms. The car was already gone and a silence was settling under the hot summer sun. Ashkii sighed again.

“I suppose he’ll never know the true power of Inuit Ice,” he said.

He breathed in a big gulp of air. Then, with tremendous speed and power he shot into the sky, leaving only a trail of thick green smoke behind.


The End

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