After School Surprises


Outside classroom 2b I waited patiently for Summer to show. It was 3:15pm and everyone who was going to this club was already inside.  I sighed, she’s always late. Just as I was about to take the concrete steps down to the front doors, I heard her laughing. I turned my head to see her sauntering up the corridor absent mindedly with Oscar Finn. You got to be kidding me, I thought.

“Hey, Summer, did you forget you was meeting me?” I called to her.

“What? No, oh err, Oscar asked me if I was going to the mythology class and I said yeah, so before I knew it I was walking here with him. Cool isn’t it?” She flashed him a charming smile. I glared at her. His emerald eyes began to change; they became a darker green and flashed with warning signs. I looked at Summer to see if she’d noticed this unusual change. She carried on smiling, oblivious to the change that happened right beside her.

“Well okay then. Never mind.” I laughed nervously, “so we going inside?”

They answered by leading into the classroom first. I followed suit, wondering if that was a trick of the light. Although there was no mistaking the warning in his eyes; As if to say ‘back off she’s mine.’

            We took our place at the back of the classroom. Summer sat in between me and Oscar. Everything that happened outside vanished as I felt a pair of eyes study me. I looked up to find Mr. Hugh at the front of the class, his sapphire eyes staring in my direction.

“So glad you could join us, we’re talking about werewolves.” He said his voice soft, yet firm and masculine. I smiled and looked at Summer. She grinned at me and mouthed ‘see told you you’d like it!’ I silently laughed and mouthed back ‘thanks’ and rolled my eyes sarcastically.

The End

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