A girl has her best friend to laugh and joke with, but will all of that be ruined when a twist of events knock them off course.

A mass of blonde hair came bounding towards me in the corridor.

“Zora!” she squealed in delight as she knocked me over.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I stood up. I could never understand how come she had so much energy first thing in a morning.

“Have you seen this?” she asked, handing me a leaflet.

I took the leaflet off her and began to read. It’s about a new after school club.

It said, “Mythology: Just Legends or Real Life?” underneath the spiral font was some words describing the club and what it involves. I couldn’t understand why Summer would be so interested. It took a moment to work out why this would appeal to her. It involved the discussion of vampires and vampire legends, besides her snow white complexion, you wouldn’t think she’d be so interested.

Looking up, I saw her grey/green eyes sparkle with excitement. I knew where she was going with this.

“You want me to join you right?” I laughed. “You got to be kidding?”

“Aww come on please? Don’t leave me on my own with all the geeks that want to study it.” She whined.

“You do know you’re calling yourself a geek?” I laughed even harder.

She smiled, if her eyes weren’t so wide, she’d look really pretty, but she knows that look always freaks me out. I stopped laughing and sighed.

“Fine, alright. You owe me though.” I answered.

A pretty, wide grin spread across her face. She didn’t need to say thank you, it was written all over her face. I smiled back. This would be fun I guess. I’d learn something new and she would have the company she needed.

“So, I’ll meet you outside classroom 2b after school, yeah?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied as a tall, slender man walked by. “Hey, isn’t that Oscar Finn? The boy you like?”

I turned back around to find her staring at him. Grinning, I looked back to see if he noticed her gazing at him. His starling emerald eyes met her grey/green eyes and I laughed. Two love struck puppies. I could see them working out as a couple because just like her, he was snow white; however he had silky black hair, with a fringe that covered one eye. By this point he was with his group of friends, smiling and joking around with them, and Summer still gazed after him like he was an addiction.

            “Earth to Summer. Hey, anyone in there?” I called out to her, tapping her head.

“What? Oh yeah sure, I’m here.” Her focus returned to me.

“Good to have you back. So, what lesson you got first?” I asked.

“Double geography. I’m starting to ask myself why I even picked that subject. What have you got?” She said.

“Double music, not bad to be honest, I really enjoy it.” I said, a smile spreading across my face.

“Has that smile got something to do with having Mr. Hugh for English after music?” She laughed, teasing me.

“No, I have him on a Wednesday, today is Monday.” I muttered.

She was just about to reply with another taunt when the loud bell sounded, signalling the beginning of the day.

“See you later!” she called, running off in the opposite direction to me.

I started off down the corridor, thinking about the day ahead.

Monday Morning, I thought. It was always the same routine never any change. But I felt that today was different. Walking down the wide corridors to music I watched the floor intently thinking about the mythology class after school. What was it going to be like? Who was going? Who was teaching it? These thoughts lead me to the three steps leading up to the science corridor. Just as I was about lift my head, I hit something rigid. I stepped back to see what I’d walked into and I found myself staring into two sapphire orbital globes. My surroundings melted and all sound had been silenced. I couldn’t stop staring; these azure eyes were magnificent.

“Are you alright? Hey you alright?” a familiar voice said.

I snapped back to reality when a gentle hand touched my shoulder.

“Huh, what oh yeah I’m fine and I’m sorry.” I mumbled. I walked past him, feeling the heat on my cheeks. I could still feel his eyes staring into my back. This made the whole situation worse and I was glad when I got to music. The air conditioning was on full blast due to the extraordinary heat outside. This worked to my advantage. Sinking into my seat, I spent the double lesson thinking about what happened. It was nothing I know, so why does it keep playing in my mind? Why do I feel like there was more to it? When English came around I wished that I’d stayed at home today....

The End

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