"Outbreak" Entry #3


LEVY COUNTY, FLA- Samuel Greene, 33, and wife Mary, 31, were involved in a bizarre attack last Saturday while camping in the Goethe State Forest in Northern Florida.  According to Greene, he and his wife, both native Idahoans, were camping in the forest over a weekend vacation when they were attacked in their sleep.  "We were sleeping, see, and then I heard this noise like, like a ghost moanin'."  Greene quoted, almost too weak from his wounds to speak. "And I looked outta the tent, see, and I see this thing comin' at us, like a bad monster movie."  Greene reported that its flesh looked green and rotting, but was humanoid in appearance, had a bad limp, and was missing an eye, but was otherwise humanoid in appearance and wore a plaid shirt and tattered jean pants.  Greene was bitten in the forearm by the creature and lost a large area of flesh to the monster's jaw, but was thrown aside otherwise unscathed. His wife, on the other hand, was killed.  "I just lay there with my arm bleedin' like hell, and when it left I crawled to get to Mary, who was screamin' bloody murder..." Mrs. Greene had been gutted by the creature, and her internal organs torn open and eaten.  Park rangers would not comment on the incident, only confiding that they are doing everything they can to find the human or creature that caused this brutal killing, and destroy it.  "Such atrocities will not be tolerated in this park, or in the state of Florida, and this killer will be brought to justice," said Jonathan Esker of the Florida Division of Forestry.  A search is underway, but as of yet has yielded no results. Funeral services for Mrs. Greene will be held next month at the Quiet Tidings Mortuary in her home of Kooskia, Idaho. Mr. Greene was hospitalized in nearby Plant City, Florida.  He suffered violent dementia and attacked the hospital staff, severely wounding one of them.   Greene slipped into a coma and died the day after being interviewed for this paper.

The End

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