Introduction of Miss Lai Yuen TingMature

I am not having successfully passed driving theory and practical tests

1)      I do not have a driving license and do not own a motor vehicle

2)      I am currently unemployed and not earning income

3)      Suffering from depression and disappointments

4)      Suffering from regrets and filled with loneliness

5)      Feeling of boredom to death with suicidal thoughts

6)      Insomnia and lack of 8-9 sleeping hours

7)      Overthinking million of things that bothering my mind

8)      What are my main purposes on this temporary home called earth

9)      Does anyone love me in return?

10)   Always doing online job applications

11)   Always attending upcoming interview invitation appointments

12)   In the search for permanent full time admin cum account assistant

13)   Attending weekend church services

14)   4:30pm Chapel of the Resurrection

15)   9am and/or 11:30am Adam Road Presbyterian Church

Full name: Miss Lai Yuen Ting

Nickname: Miss Ting

Christian name: Miss Christine

Date of birth: Tuesday 18th September 1990

Hometown: Singapore


Since Melbourne, Australia while studying full time and working part time I have this dream to becoming a professional author with the capabilities to write both romance fiction novels and an autobiography also being able to sell successfully well to a wide range of readers and general audience as soon as possible before I passed away from this temporary home called earth.

The End

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