Chapter 3; The Coronation of the New Queen.

Kali Teyla slipped into her coronation dress, she sighed as she felt the soft material touch her pale skin, when she walked over to the mirror she looked herself up and down, she thought to herself, Do I deserve all the luxuries of a Queen? How will I run my kingdom? She jumped a little up into the air, her personal maid walked in through the door unannounced, she was still getting used to it.

The maid was a kind, peaceful woman, never had much to say, she looked lonely, but she done her work better than any other maid within the kingdom, Kali adored her even though she was silent. The maid nodded to Kali and placed a tray down on the dressing table with several cups (with no handles) on, along with a small pot which contained green tea.  She smiled at Kali and then reversed back out of the room, bowing her head slightly. Kali sighed, wondering if she wasn't the future queen, would she be more friendly with her? Soon Kali was ready.

The sun was shining down on the kingdom, everyone was rejoicing, laughing and joking, messing around with eachother, they were all at ease once again. Kali's carriage was pulled by strong, crystal white stallions, they were groomed for the special day. As the carriage smoothly travelled through the streets, people threw different coloured petals and flowers behind it and cheered for the new era.

The End

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