Chapter 2; The Rulers Law

Heavenly law has stated that rulers must marry but are not allowed kids, there is no explaination as to why this is the law, but it has been known for thousands of years.

The first ruler of Lei was King Emmett "Mouse" Lei (hense the kingdoms name) He was a strong man, he had helped build hospitals, schools and homes for his people after the Kingdom of Hae had fallen, from this fallen kingdom he had created Lei, the most beautiful, calm kingdom of all, the neighbouring King of Tama had grown jealous of Lei's new kingdom, his own was falling to ruin slowly. On the King of Tama's death bed, he swore to return to the earth once more in another body and take the Kingdom of Lei for himself.

Years after the King of Tama had passed away, Lei was on his death bed, he said that his distant cousin Tay Henna shall be rule Lei, this was when the kingdom fell to ruins at Tay's feet, soon after Lei had passed away. The citizens all rebelled against the new king of Lei, they felt he didn't look after the country, he was constantly causing war after war, he was the instigator. One day a young warrior Eli Tempara came before his majesty and knelt, his long sword by his side, he said; "King Tay Henna of Lei, I have come to take your life, you are no good for this kingdom." With that, he stood then assassinated the king, cries rang out, "The king is dead!" Everyone celebrated.

King Tempara satisfied his people, he had been married before he came to the throne, he had also had one child, a baby girl named Emelia "Emi" Tempara. She grew up learning the ways of the kingdom, learning from her father that she herself one day shall become the Queen of Lei. When "Emi" was 16, she finally received the right of becoming Queen one day, and so she did.

Queen Emelia's rule was a peaceful one, there was no war, no famine, she looked after her people well. All the citizens rejoiced in her rule, food never ran short, water was always available to the public. Until one day, a corrupted King from a neighbouring Kingdom approached Lei armed with 1,000 soldiers, ready to start a war to overthrow Queen Emelia, instead of sending her Kingdom into a state of war, she approached the corrupted King and offered her life for all the people of her kingdom, she died with honor, and her last dying words echoed throughout the kingdom, and it was said, this was her final day as ruler of Lei.

Emelia had not chosen a new ruler, it was up to the court of the late Queen to decide, and they decided upon one, a young girl who had studied law under the Queen herself along with her friends, her name was Kali Teyla, the future Queen of Lei.

The End

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