Chapter 1; The New Queen

There was a call throughout the kingdom of Lei. "A new Queen has descended!" It echoed throughout the streets, reaching each resident of the kingdom, they all in turn wondered what this queen would be like, "Would she be like the late queen?" "Could she be better?" "I hope she will save us all!"

Recently the kingdom had been in a state of downfall since Queen "Emi" had died, there had been a fake queen on the throne, she had been ruthless, many had been killed due to petty crimes, this "queen" had hated any type of crime, even for missing a day at work for looking after their sick child, had been killed, until the next TRUE Queen came along, her name, Kali Teyla, she had fought days upon days for the throne, many had at first gone against her, until the king of the neighbouring kingdom, King (Kalen) Shae had supported her.

Today the kingdom was in a state of happiness and peace, Kali knew she had a big job ahead of her, yet she remained sane.

Her first decree had been passed and it was; "There should be no need to suffer, I am here to provide all I can for families, I shall be here for all of your needs, there is no need to steal, lie, or cheat, all will be provided for you at no price, but you will have to start growing your own food during harvest, may you all live well."

Everyone had rejoiced at the thought of this new Queen, she knew the ropes, she knew how to please her people, she was a caring woman. Everyone liked her.

The End

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