Introduction; Last words

"This is the body of a sinner, blood has tainted these delicate hands of mine time and time again, but I, myself must live on with it. Their faces still haunt me, yet I find comfort in you, in your gentle arms. I am the sinner and you, are my forgiveness. I am forever grateful to those who love and care as I once had. Must I forever live a sinner? Or will I find forgiveness in all as I have found in your heart, a heart so pure that I am not deserving of it. I am forever tainted with the death and blood of others."

Last words of the great Queen of Lei

Emelia “Emi” Tempara


That is what was written upon the grave of the late Queen of Lei, we all wondered who would be the next ruler, yet, I never thought it would have been me. My story has began.

The End

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