The paper.

Sally lay face down on the sterile-white sheets of the bed. There was a crackling noise and a speaker in the corner of the room came to life.

"Sally wake up.' It croaked, making a hissing and cracking noises as it emmited the sound.

At the sound of her name, Sally raised her head, blurry eyed.

She jumped as she saw where she was.

"Where am I?"She cried.

"Ah, hello Sally. You are to do some things for me before I can let you leave. The note on the table will explain what you are to do. It's very simple. Follow my instructions and you will be," the voice paused, as if trying to find the correct word, " in some shape or form."

There was a dull noise, like a walkie-talkie signing off.

" No! Where am I? Why can't I go home?"She said in a shrill voice. Finally, Sally stopped, she slowly turned her head to see a envelope on the table.

Sally walked cautiously towards the table.

She opened the envelope as she read it, her hands went limp and she stared unseeingly at the far wall.

The note lay as still as you please on the cold, hard floor, and it read:

Dear Sally,

I have set up a few, for use of a better word, games for you, if you are to complete them without a hitch, things will go as smoothly as I wish them to go. First of all, there is a time trap within the walls of the room you are in, for each second you dither to find a exit, the walls will move closer to the middle. However, there is one escape route, find it and there will be your next daunting challenge that awaits you.

The speaker hissed to life and two words were said: "Tick Tock!"

At these simple, but effective words, Sally sprang to life, pawing at the walls and floor, scurrying about, desperate to find the exit.

Little did poor Sally know, to find the exit, she had to look a little closer the a bump on the floor....

The End

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