Introducing A New Game

Kind of influenced by SAW, except interesting and not filled with needless murder and gore.



THE room had a sterile look, tiled in white with a dim lantern lighting a table pushed against the right wall, leaving only minimal room between it and the bed.  On the table sat a bottle of water, a sandwich on a white ceramic plate, and a sealed envelope.  The name on the envelope was written in an exquisite calligraphic lettering: Wesley Sleinhardt.  On the bed adjacent to the small table lay the man whose name was written upon the letter.  His body lay eerily straight, arms down by the sides; as if he hadn’t truly fell asleep but had been killed and positioned just so.  This was not the case; however, he was quite alive and sleeping very soundly.

                A speaker poised over the bed crackled, whined before it let out a droning voice.  “Wesley, please wake up.”  It continued to crackle and whine and again the voice issued forth, “Wesley, please wake up.”  Repeating as if it were a broken record.  Soon Wesley stirred and sat up, taking in his strange surroundings.  At first he didn’t believe he had truly awoke, but was simply in a new dream.  Realization hit him suddenly, though, and he looked about wildly before the speaker clicked and out came a new phrase.  “Hello, Wesley, it seems you’ve finally woken.  I hope you aren’t too startled, I do so promise if you complete the tasks I’ve laid out for you you will find yourself home in no time at all.”  The speaker’s whine and crackle immediately cut off afterwards.

                “Wait, wait where am I?  What is this place?  Please!”  Wesley called out for a few minutes before taking control over his worried sensibilities.  The man over the speaker had told him he would be home in no time; he just had to play along.  He continued to call out regardless, if only to hear another human voice and make sure he was still alive.  The room was small, leaving very little to investigate.  He was quickly drawn to the small table, whereupon he realized he was very hungry and partook of the sandwich and half of the water.  He did of course fear that it would be poisoned, or something harmful had been slipped in, but after testing the door and finding it locked tightly he figured he might as well.  After looking over the envelope he carefully opened it and slid the folded piece of paper out.  He read it with a sullen cast over his face.

The End

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