instant electricity as our eyes meet

I lift the bottle of sprite off the cluttered table and pour the liquid into my cup. I wonder if this is spiked?.. I think as I stare at the bottle for a few seconds. I set my cup down on the table slowly, not taking the risk. I turn around and scan the room, trying to ignore the public displays of affection.. or drunken 'affection' that's burning my eyes. The music threatens to burst my eardrums and the flashing lights make me tired. Why did I even come to this? I contemplate leaving but the door opens and suddenly my eyes lock with his. No please no. I was hoping he wouldn't arrive. My body instantly reacts. I look away and try to control my breathing as my hands start to shake. Ok breathe Em,, he has no affect on you. I peek up at Nathan, who is staring right at me. Ok who are you fooling, he has every affect on you. I turn back to the drinks table and pick up the bottle of sprite again. I may as well risk it. Careful not to spill any, I pour the drink into the cup in my shaking hand. I take a sip. Tastes normal.
My body freezes. I look up from my drink and at the wall infront of me. No. I feel his presence behind me. Really close. Too close. I slowly turn around to face him.
'Uh..hey..' I say, avoiding all eye contact.
'Why won't you look me in the eyes?' Nathan asks me with a slight smirk on his face. Maybe because it's one of your most powerful weapons.
'Wha.. What do you mean.. I don't.. I don't know what you're talking about..' I say.
I try to look up at him, but my eyes won't move past his lips.
'I really want to talk to you' Nathan says. 'Can you meet me up stairs in the spare room?'
'Um..' No Em.'Yeah.. Sure' I say.
He smiles and turns around, walking towards the stairs. I set my cup down and follow.

I open the door to the spare room. One of the bedside lamps are on, casting the only light in the room. Nathan stands there, staring.
'What do you want Nathan?' I ask him, making sure to keep my distance.
He takes a step forward.
'You' he says.
I roll my eyes at him and turn to walk out of the room.
'Wait' he says, stepping a few steps forward and shutting the door, before I can step out. I stare at his hand on the door and feel him behind me. He steps closer again, so I can feel his breath on my neck. The smell of his cologne intoxicates me.

The End

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