The Bus

The boy that had gone into the school started coming down the few steps from the front door. "The phone's out. Do you have a cell?"

"I just tried." Michael said. "It says there's no signal."

The boy looked mildly confused and walked to rejoin his friend. As he went he said something to himself, but Michael didn't hear him clearly enough to make it out.

"Ok! Fine! You were right! Lets just go!" one of the three boys yelled. The blond haired boy was walking off toward the road and the other two were running right behind him.

"Where are you guys going?" Michael called, hurrying to catch up.

"Tim thinks the road's blocked, " the taller boy said, gesturing to the blond haired one. "and Nathan says his house is about 15 minutes walk from here, so we're just going to head there."

"Dude, we don't answer to this guy." Tim said agitated. "Now come on, we've wasted enough time here."

As the two other boys went ahead, Tim gave Michael a hard glare to which Michael raised an eyebrow. Tim turned back around and ran off with the other two. "Nice kid." Michael muttered. A smile twitched at his lips when he gave the back of Tim's head the finger.

"Hey! Help!" The older boy that had run off earlier yelled. He sprinted from the side of the school and gasped in air to get his breath back. His face was tomato red and he looked a little nauseous. "The kids. They're all trapped on the bus. It drove right off the road. It hit a tree. No driver."

The End

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