Forever In MatrimonyMature

Something crashed over me as he said those words.  "Penny Jane Miller, will you do me the great honor, and become my wife?" It was like my whole heart burst open and spread love confetti over me, all I know is that it was nothing I had ever felt before, and I never got mushy, let alone this loved up. 

Me… a wife? Suddenly images spread in my mind like wildfire. Images that I knew all to well that would never come true. A pretty house in the country side, with Jake coming home from work, coming through to the kitchen to find children at the table having tea, with me doing the washing up at the sink  with a huge belly, obviously another one on the way. 

“Penny?”  Jake’s voice took me back to the present, he was still on his knee holding the ring. 

“Yes.” I whispered, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” I laughed as he put the perfect diamond on my finger. I got up and put my arms around him, kissing him, I got the giddy excitement in my stomach. That feeling when you hear the best news and you can't explain what it is.

I laughed again without knowing why, I was going to be a wife! And Jake… he would be my husband. Mine. Forever in matrimony. 

And then it clicked.
“You told India didn’t you?”  A pang of guilt spread in his eyes as he nodded, a wide grin spread across my face. That’s why she was looking at me funny!

A small squeal came from the door. It was India. "You knew!" I said as I ran up and hugged her, nearly knocking her off her feet. 

"You look after her!" she called to Jake laughing. 

"I promise I will." You could hear the smile in his voice, 

"Your getting married!" India giggled, holding me out at the shoulders and studying me, like something had changed.  "So what happens now? We have so much to organize! Bridesmaids, flowers, oh and I suppose you‘ll be wanted your own space too, you know, as your married." She sighed, obviously happy, "And the dress!"

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves," I smiled. I think she put more thought into it in the last three seconds then I have, 

"Ahem." Jake feld his arms over,

"Yeah, wait your turn, she's my best friend!" She grinned at him behind me, as she pulled me into another hug, before handing me back to my new fiancée. 

I hardly heard her say "I'll, just go... and see Leo then." as Jake pulled me in a sweet embrace. 

I was positively happy in his arms.  

The End

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