Suspicious Behaviour.Mature


I looked across the table at India. "Are you okay?" I asked biting a piece of my apple. 

"Yeah" She grinned with slightly pink cheeks.

"You face is weird." I said suspiciously taking another bite from the red apple. India laughed, 


"There's something different about you, but I have no idea what." I jumped up, sitting bolt up right in the wooden chair. "Has something special happened between you two?!" I smiled.  India looked at Leo, who gave her an equally confused expression. 


"Oh." I slouched back down. India's smile faultered for a split second before turning back into the flawless grin. "Something's up." I looked at them suspiciously. 

"Penny, um, why are you eating?" Leo asked shyly, not quite understanding. I looked at the apple in my hand, I didn't even think about it. 

"Because I don't drink blood." I smiled, "That's what Jake meant earlier, you know, I don't bite, literally." I laughed a little and Leo nodded. 


"Well we think its because of my gift." 



"She can explain later." I looked up, Jake was leaning lazily against the door frame of the dining room. He held out his hand, and I welcomed it, smiling at the others I got up and walked over to him, completley ignoring the hand I went straight up and hugged him, he wrapped his arms around me burying his head in my shoulder.  He still had his arm around me as I pulled slightly away, "How are you?" I asked smiling, 

"Very good, thank you." he grinned down at me, I looked back at India and she had that goofy grin on again. What was up with her? 

"Hey I need to talk to you about something. In private. 

"Okay." I got slightly worried but it soon faded as he held my hand "See you guys later." India smiled at me as Jake lead me to the garden. 

The End

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