A week!  I can't believe I have been hiding in my room for a week, while that... human makes himself comfortable.  What is wrong with me?  But everytime I get up the courage to go to the door, walk along the corridor and speak to India I hear footsteps outside and I go back to sulk in the corner of my room.

Finally, I heard footsteps along the corridor, approaching my room.  They pause for a second and I hear India's laugh.  It sends shivers up my spine.  The footsteps move quickly onwards and there is a knock at my door.

'Dom?'  It isn't India.  'Can I come in Dom?'  When there is no answer Jake opened the door and came in anyway.  'You could at least open a window in here?  It's so stuffy in here.'  I didn't stop him as he moved to the window and pushed it open.  'So are you going to eat?'

'I'm not hungry,' I said grumpily.

'Well at least come for a walk with me.  There are some things I need to talk to you about.'

'As long as it's nothing to do with India.' 

Jake shook his head.  'Not one word.'

'Alright then,' I conceded, 'but not for too long.'

Jake led me out of the house without seeing any of our home's other inhabitants, which was strange seeing as there were so many of them.

'Where is everyone?'  Everything was a little too quiet.

'Around,' Jake shrugged, 'I haven't seen many of the others for days.'  We walked out towards the woods and as soon as we were hidden by the leafy green canopy overhead Jake began.  'There is something I need to tell you, a decision I've made, and I want your honest opinion.'

'Go for it.'

'I'm going to ask Penny to marry me.'  Jake looked at my face, waiting for a response that wouldn't come.  'Well?'

'Congratulations, I'm happy for you.  At least now we'll have at least one more girl who is an official member of the family.'

'I thought you'd be a bit more excited about it,' Jake said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

'What do you expect me to do Jake?'  My patience snapped and I turned on my brother.  'Jump up and down clapping my hands going 'oh goodie, goodie'?  Well I'm sorry but it's not going to happen.'  I stormed off, trying to stop myself from hitting something.

'Are you coping Dom?'  Jake's voice followed me.  'Because by the looks of it India has really messed with you and you need to sort it out.'

'But I can't Jake.'  I turned around to face him, my eyes filling up with tears.  'She's made her choice and it isn't me.  There is nothing I can do to get her back and it's killing me inside because I know that she is the one, the only girl I am meant to spend the rest of my existence with, and she's chosen someone else, so excuse me if I'm not too excited about your happily ever after.'

Tears of blood trickled down my face, staining my face red.  Jake said nothing as I stood there.  He didn't need to.  In one smooth motion he walked to my side and wrapped his arms protectively around me and I sobbed.

'I should be sorry.  I shouldn't have spoken to you about it.  I just thought you were doing so well, I...'  His voice trailed off and we just stood there, his arms holding me tightly, for about five minutes which was when I pulled away and forced a smile.

'Go talk to Penny.  Ask her to marry you and gaze into her eyes like I always see you doing.  I'm really happy for you, honest.'  Jake smiled and I hugged him, holding back more tears.

'You coming back too?'

'No, I need a minute.'  Jake looked at me, his face still worried.  'Get out of here,' I gave him a shove, 'go and tell Penny you love her.'

'Thanks,' Jake said before walking backwards towards the house, his eyes not leaving me until he disappeared behind a tree.

I roughly brushed away the tears from my face, knowing that they would have left horrible streaks across my cheeks.  I'd have to find somewhere to wash my face before I went back.  'Come on Dom,' I told myself, 'it's time to man up.'

The End

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