You want to do what?!Mature


I looked over my shoulder at Leo as I followed Jake out of the room.  If my heart could beat it would have been pounding against my ribcage as I saw his handsome face disappear behind the door.  I felt so detached without him standing close to me but I forced myself to follow Jake, telling my brain that he would be safe with Penny.

'So...' Jake smiled nervously at me.  'How are you India?'

'I'm fine thanks Jake,' I said slightly suspiciously.  'How are you?'

'Good.'  He looked away from me, rubbing his hands against each other, one of his nervous twitches.  'Ummm... India?'

'Yes Jake.'

'I need to ask you something.'  I nodded, waiting for him to make the next move.  His aura was a nervous yellow colour and I carefully used my powers to calm him down, changing his aura to a neutral shade of purple, so he could ask me his question.  'OK so here goes.'  He finally managed to turn and look at me.  'India, I want to propose to Penny.' 

'Seriously?'  I could feel my eyes falling out of their sockets and my jaw hitting the ground as Jake looked at me for approval.

'You think it's a bad idea don't you.'  Jake's face fell and he turned away from me again.  'I knew it was stupid to think she'd say yes.'

'No Jake, I think it's a brilliant idea.'  I threw my arms around his neck and squeezed him as hard as I could.

'OK a little too much,' Jake choked and I loosened my grip.  'So you think she'll say yes?'

'Of course she will!  She loves you so much.  I'm so happy for the pair of you, I could cry.'  I felt a huge surge of love for the man and woman who I called my brother and sister.  I was so pleased that they would spend eternity together, literally.

But the smile on my face began to droop as I thought about Leo.  We would never have that unless I jumped into the unknown and changed him.  I wasn't sure if I could do that.

Jake hardly seemed to notice my change in mood he was so elated.  He walked around the garden with me, jabbering away about the wedding and Penny and the future and Penny, but I hardly heard any of it, I was so shut away in my own thoughts. 

Dom.  He had been avoiding me, understandably, since I had arrived with Leo, and although I didn't want to admit it, I missed him.   But I didn't want to give up Leo either.  I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

'But how will I propose?'  A note of panic was back in Jake's voice.  'The proposal is really important to girls isn't it?  It has to be romantic and magical and-'

'Don't worry Jake.'  I pulled myself back into the real world to calm him down.  'Whatever you do Penny will love it.  Trust me.'

'Can I show you the ring?'

'You already have it?'  I held my hands out to see it and Jake dug his hand into his back pocket.

'It's an old family heirloom I thought she would like.  It's not very flashy or anything but I thought that's what Penny would want.'  As he opened the box, my eyes became mesmorised by the sparkling diamond at the centre of the ring.

'Oh my God Jake!'  I reached out my hand, scared that I would somehow tarnish the ring's beauty if I touched it.  'It's gorgeous!'

'You think Penny will like it?'

'If she doesn't I want it!'  Jake's face was shocked but as soon as he realised I was joking we both started laughing.  'She would be a fool to turn you down.  You are good for her and she loves you so much, any idiot can see it.  Congratulations.'

The End

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