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Leo sat in the armchair with a book that India gave him, "The Kings and Queens of Manson. A History of the Cold Ones." He looked at the pages intently, every now and then checking that me and India were still talking on the bed. 

"So, how you feeling?" India asked, a tiny sign of guilt in her eye. 

"Fine." I sighed, "I don't know why everyone keeps fussing." I looked up to the ceiling and raised my voice, knowing full well that Jake could here me, even if I didn't shout ,"Because I'm perfectly well!" 

India smiled, "Well it was a bit scary." her smile faulterd slightly at the memory, and upstairs Jake took a sharp intake of breath.  

"What was scary?" Leo looked up a little startled, 

I rolled my eyes, trying to make out that it was nothing. Which it really was, but the last thing we needed was a panicked human in a mansion full of vampires. It was already hard enough with the fresh blood around. 

"Ugh, it was nothing. Me and India went out into the woods a couple of weeks ago, and we were messing around play fighting and I lost my footing and my head hit a tree." India looked at me a little suprised at how easy I lied, but understood why. It was nothing like a play fight. And it didn't really include India, even though she was at the clearing at the time. 

"Having a little heart to heart were you?" Donovan mocked us, I nudged India so she would get the message to move the hell out of the way, 

"Oh, because you would know a lot about them," I tried to by her some time, we were in venerable position on the ground and I wanted her out of the way. She was my sister, I didn't want her to get hurt. 

"Where are you planning on going India?" he tried to target her, 

"She's not going anywhere." My statement meant to meanings in my head. One- as she wasn't bloody moving up the tree and, two- she isn't actually getting out of my sight either. 

Donovan launched his way across the clearing unexpectedly, he wasn't getting near India, I hurtled myself at him, in mid air we tumbled to the ground growling at each other, it was an even fight until he got me pinned down to the ground, "India, get up the damn tree!" I screamed through my teeth, Donovan picked me up slightly by my shoulders, him still on top of me, he slammed me back to the ground with a crack. I growled at him but I was in so much pain, like lightning was charging up and down my spine.

"Not nice is it." he taunted me, 

"India just move!" 

"Oh your not going anywhere little India," at the speed of light he was off of me and tearing through the wind towards India, lucky for her I was faster. Grabbing him by his foot as he leaped up toward her, he crashed back to the ground, 

"You don't want to do that Donovan!" slamming him up against the tree we were face to face, more growling and spit, 

"Why wouldn't I?" 

"Because you know the consequences" We were edging near each others necks, the growling ripping through the normally quite forest, he tried to take a chunk out of me but I got there before him biting through the skin on his shoulder and ripping it off. The scream was awful. 

A growl ripped through him and as I tried to see wear India was he took a huge portion of my left arm. Gritting my teeth to keep the scream in.

 I couldn't hold him any longer, he took me to the ground. Spinning me, both of our blood was getting every wear. From what I could see there was a trail on the ground and all over our clothes. 

This fight really wasn't going well for me. 

"Penny?!" A mans voice shouted behind me, 

A scream ripped through me as Donovan picked me up and threw me across the clearing into a tree, 
I tried to breath through my gritted teeth, why did I have to act all brave all the time. Even when I was in excruciating pain. 
I closed my eyes, waiting for the last crunch of my breaking body. But nothing came. There were frantic foot steps and then silence.  

"Anyway," India said with false happiness, "You done the dirty?" A real grin spread across her face, 

"Excuse me?" 

"You know," she prompted me, I looked at her confused for a minute until the cogs in my brain finally understood what she was saying.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "No" I shook  my head laughing, 

"Really?! What, not at all?" 

"No India." I said through my giggling. 

"Wow." she smiled, a little confused, "But I thought," 

"I'm gunna stop you right there before you traumatise Leo to much" I grinned at him as he looked at the book wide eyed, obviously trying to hide the fact that he over heard. 

Jake appeared at the door and came over to the bed, "You coming India?" 

"Oh, of course" she smiled, but then looked at Leo, "Leo?..." 

"I'll stay with him," I smiled at him again, Leo seemed comfortable enough around us. "I promise I don't bite." 

"Litterally," Jake grinned then kissed my forehead as India got up, 

"Your so funny dear." 

India laughed and hugged Leo. 

"Be careful" I whispered to Jake, he knew it had a double meaning.

"Always." He kissed me again, this time softly on the lips, before jumping from the balcony, with India just behind him, and into the forest. 

The End

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