The Start of Even More ProblemsMature

4 Months Later.

"Why does it have to be so damn complicated with those two?" India sighed, playing with a ribbon on one of my tops. She crossed her legs and sat on the bed, these conversations were becoming more regular. I couldn't blame her though. "How did you get so lucky?" She frowned as I laughed.

"What are you on about, India?" I tried to make my voice sound light and uncaring. She kept on comparing herself and her relationships to me and Jake. I wish she would stop doing that. 

"You know exactly what I'm on about-" 

"Hey India, you coming?" Jake walked in striding across the room to my side. 

"No thanks, not hungry." She mumbled. 

"You know, it's not healthy for you to keep skipping hunting." He lectured her, an ongoing joke between the two of them.

"Blah-blah. Whatever, you go with out me. Why don't you go with... well, you know who I mean." Jake smiled sympathetically and smiled. With a gentle kiss on the lips and my usual "Be careful" whispered into his ear, with a little nod and a "Always. I love you." he was gone. 

India sat in silence.

"Right, I'm getting rather bored of all this depressing crap, this isn't you and you know it, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up." Hands on hips and a stern expression on my face, India looked at me confused and a little speechless. "Well, what are you waiting for, get up." She did."Okay, I've changed my mind. Sit back down." I perched myself next to her. "Now, I don't want to hear any whining, but tell me everything in that heart of yours." India sat in silence. "I'll start then. Are you not eating because you feel it makes you more like Leo?"  I asked gently, moving her hair out of her face. 

"Penny. I just don't know what to say or do anymore".... 

The End

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